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Statement Gel Nail Polish

Posted by Ellen on

You've heard of statement jewelry, and items of clothing, now meet the statement nail polish. It's that over-the-top color that makes you feel invincible and oh-so-chic. Maybe you have stayed conservative with your gel polish because it's a three week commitment and you want to be sure your nails are appropriate for any occasion. Maybe you tend to use the same colors over and over, a nice pink or muted red or mauve. If you work in a corporate office, glitter nails may not be your statement, but you can push further than you think.

Stretching your fashion nail choices is a great way to mix up your style. Wearing a stronger nail is a fun way to brighten your spirits and give yourself a lift. Try a pastel version of a bold color first. Then work your way up to color that says, "pow!" Wearing bolder gel nail polish will focus attention on your hands, so be sure and moisturize with hand cream so your handshake is as smooth as your nails.

A new trend with statement nails is to coordinate rings or other jewelry with your color.  Go monochromatic and match your polish to your baubles. Or spin the color wheel and choose the complementary color on the wheel. Pair tangerine nails with blue, honeydew with red. It's a cinch to get noticed when you're sporting statement gel nail polish.