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~ For the price of a few manicures – get Gorgeous Nails Forever ~

Couture Gel Nail Polish Kit

Toxin Free Gel Nails: Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish is Good for Your Body

You may be buying Savvy Girl gel nail polish because of the cool colors or because it lasts an insanely long time. But you are also buying it for what's NOT inside...Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde, called the Toxic Trio, and ingredients which are found in many other gel nail polishes, especially imports.

We take in chemicals through our skin, our food, and our nails are another avenue. It was important to Savvy Girl to create a gel nail system that wouldn't include these chemicals, and so we don't. And pure acetone, another toxic chemical, is still used to remove gel manicures in salons (the dreaded soaking) but not in our remover! It's full of healthy aloe and other botanicals and gets the job done just as fast but preserves your body's chemical load even further.

If you shop in healthy stores, eat organics and are concerned about what all these everyday chemicals can do to a body, then you can feel good about your gel nail polish from Savvy Girl. Unlike most gel polishes, it's free of the Toxic Trio. Imagine toxins on your nails, and entering your system, for up to three weeks. That's not good. We're proud of being toxin-free, and hope it's one more reason you choose us to keep your nails beautiful...and safe.

Top 8 Reasons for a Home Gel Nail Manicure

1.  Cost! With 20 applications per bottle of polish, your starter kit works out to $4.95 per manicure, a major savings over the standard salon rate of $40-$45 plus tip. Over the life of your kit, you save $900!

2.  Speed! An at-home gel nail polish manicure involves no waiting for a nail tech, no driving. Just brush on base, color, and top coat and each dries in 30 secs! The whole manicure including prepping your nails shouldn't take more than 15 to 20 minutes.

3.  Endurance! Our salon quality nail polish lasts up to 3 weeks and if you do develop a chip, you can easily dab a bit of polish and extend the wear because you have the color at home.

4.  Scheduling! Ever have to wait for your appointment? Or just get in the mood for a manicure and don't feel like driving? Or want a manicure after hours? At home, it happens as fast as you open your kit (contained in a darling bag) and go to work.

5.  Professionalism! Don't go into that meeting with chipped nails. When you go to salons, you can't always get back there in time to keep your nails flawless. With an at home manicure, you can keep your nails perfect year round.

6.  Removal! With a salon gel manicure, you've got to go back to have a new manicure and then remove your current manicure. Our easy-peasy removal technique allows you to remove polish simply in about 10 minutes, at home in front of the TV or computer. Saves you bundles of time.

7.  Special Occasions! Something great has come up and there's no time to get to a salon. With your starter gel kit or deluxe kit, you can have your nails done in 20 minutes and be out the door.

8.  Sharing! With a gel kit, you can do your nails, and your girlfriends can do theirs when they come over. Sharing is caring! It's a whole lot cheaper than a party at the salon.

Statement Gel Nail Polish

You've heard of statement jewelry, and items of clothing, now meet the statement nail polish. It's that over-the-top color that makes you feel invincible and oh-so-chic. Maybe you have stayed conservative with your gel polish because it's a three week commitment and you want to be sure your nails are appropriate for any occasion. Maybe you tend to use the same colors over and over, a nice pink or muted red or mauve. If you work in a corporate office, glitter nails may not be your statement, but you can push further than you think.

Stretching your fashion nail choices is a great way to mix up your style. Wearing a stronger nail is a fun way to brighten your spirits and give yourself a lift. Try a pastel version of a bold color first. Then work your way up to color that says, "pow!" Wearing bolder gel nail polish will focus attention on your hands, so be sure and moisturize with hand cream so your handshake is as smooth as your nails.

A new trend with statement nails is to coordinate rings or other jewelry with your color.  Go monochromatic and match your polish to your baubles. Or spin the color wheel and choose the complementary color on the wheel. Pair tangerine nails with blue, honeydew with red. It's a cinch to get noticed when you're sporting statement gel nail polish.

Hot Nail Trend Gold Tip French Manicure

One of the most beautiful nail treatments we've seen in a while showed up at the Paris fashion shows for fall 2014. It's a French manicure with gold on the tips! Isn't it stunning? You can do the look yourself with our Champagne Diet color or Creme de la Creme.

image via

Jennifer Lopez Nails in Skinny Jeans

Jennifer Lopez was spotted on Good Morning America in one of our top-sellers, "Skinny Jeans." This sleek dark color compliments any outfit and if it's good enough for JLo.....

Lots of Hollywood stars sport Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish nails - why not you?

How to Use Your Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish Kit for Fun

Our kit comes with three polishes and allows you to do a fab manicure that cures in 30 seconds. Each polish bottle offers more than 20 applications, so there’s plenty to go around.When you invest in a kit, you’re saying ‘no’ to inflated salon manicure prices and yes to affordable nails that look salon-worthy for up to three weeks. Sharing your kit is even more fun with your best girlfriends.

Here are some ideas on how to play with your kit:

  • At your next party, forget the fortune teller, do everybody’s nails
  • Hire a manicurist for your next bachelorette or shower and give manicures
  • On your daughter’s next sleepover, let the girls do their own gel nails
  • Host a clothes swap party to clean out your closet and have manicures available
  • Have a wine and cheese night with the girls and do each other’s nails – or just the dominant hand
  • Host a spa party with free manicures
  • At the school fair, offer to host a manicure booth
  • Have a nails-and-nibbles night with your best friend

Nail Polish Pops of Color

The latest trend from fashion bloggers is matching your nails to your bag for a fun summery look. You can also simply keep your polish in the same color family - warm or cool to get the look. We like this fun tangerine polish mixed with red which really causes it to pop. Stripes are still huge this season, so pair them with skinnies and tie on a scarf for an effortless, chic daytime casual outfit. We chose our Designer Label gel nail polish color which lasts three weeks for no-chip glamorous shine... which gives you plenty of opportunities to nail more than one look. Happy Summer!

Oprah's Foot Nanny Likes Couture

Oprah's foot nail gel polish guru

Looking to see what the latest colors are and all things nail trend? Follow our board on Pinterest and come find out. You'll find color-rich pins showing the latest shades and tidbits from Couture Gel Nail Polish fans like Oprah's foot nanny Gloria who loves our polish and she's seen them all.

Gloria works at renowned brow salon and spa Anastasia where she gives what Oprah called the #bestmani pedi

So if you can't make it to Beverly Hills....we've got you covered.

Bridal Gel Nail Polish Party

Lots of brides wish they could treat their bridesmaids, and mother of the groom and mother of the bride to a spa day before the big event, but that many mani-pedis gets expensive. It can easily cost upwards of $1,000 and there are so many other places to use that money in the budget. But you can still have the fun and the results of a pampering manicure and pedicure gift to your girls by hosting a night with a Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish kit. Because dry time is so insanely fast (30-secs) and you need just one coat, the whole bridal party can have spa quality gel nails in an hour!

Let the girls do their own, or hire a manicurist for one hour to treat everybody. Choose our regular kit for $129 and you get three polish choices....maybe choose one dark and dramatic, plus a petal pink, and trendy with a pastel green or blue. We have dozens and dozens of choices and it makes a bridal spa party so easy. PLUS, you get to keep the kit afterwards! It's win-win and effortless, versus a very expensive alternative. Also every bottle has more than 20 applications, so you could do the whole wedding guest list! Not, of course. But you'll have enough polish to last years into your new marriage!

Metallics for Spring

Cool metals are a hot look right now. But what looks worse than chipped metal? Gel nail polish delivers the staying power and finish that keep this look polished and perfect.  To get the look try our Pillow Talk or High Maintenance which is very LOW maintenance. Make sure to cover the tips of your nails when doing your gel nail polish manicure to provide rock solid protection.

Mint and Teal Gel Polish with Nail Art

Spring calls up green pastures and all things blooming. Celebrate the season with this delicious pastel tone. Go further and emblazon your nails with stamps from Konad. You can get the look with our Tiffany's Secret or Million $ Tweet from our spring line.

Best Gel Nail Polish Kits

Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish is proud to share that our Gel Nail Polish Kits are among the safest available for purchase online! Our comprehensive gel nail polish kit is the best choice for a salon quality manicure. We also are starting to feature nail art stamping with our kit. We recently have partnered with Konad nail stamping art to bring you the lowest prices on nail stamping which pairs PERFECTLY with our gel kit! 

As of 2014 we have a total of over 107 gel nail polish colors. When you select your new kit you have the opportunity to pick our your favorite 3 colors! Each bottle comes with a total of 20 applications. You can view our kit Here!

For the most up to date info on our kits follow our Twitter Page, our Facebook page.

We are always taking review video's of our Best gel nail polish kit. If you have a video or review of our products please email them over to - We would love to hear about your experience with our gel nail polish kit!

Thank you ladies for all your support over the last few years. We will continue to improve our salon quality manicure. And as always we give a 60 day money back guarantee on our kit!

Check Out The Best Gel Nail Polish Kits!

Have you heard the buzz on Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish? Well it is said that we carry all the best gel nail polish kits and it's true! Our gel nail polish’s will last longer than any nail set you have had. When you get one of our gel nail polish kits you will be doing your own nails at home.  Shop online now!

Gel Nail Polish Kit

Gel Nail Starter Kits for Younger Girls!

When it comes to getting your nails done, no girl is too young! Although nail salon chemicals can be hard on nails, it is probably not the best choice. If your daughter or little sister wants to have their nails always looking their best, our gel nail starter kit is the perfect alternative. Our gel nail polish will give anyone the best manicures. Order one today for a younger miss in your life!

Our Gel Nail Polish Kit Is A Perfect Gift!

Our gel nail kit is perfect for women for want to skip time on the nail salons and save money. We are confident our kit will surprise anyone with its simple system and how great manicures turn out!  Indeed, one of our gel nail polish kits would be a perfect gift for a girlfriend or a mother.  You can be sure that any woman would love this as a gift. Order a kit as a gift online today!

Try Our Gel Nail Starter Kits!

The only reason many women return to pricey nail salons is because they cannot do manicures. Now there is a solution! No matter if you are bad at doing your own nails; Couture Gel Nail Polish has the nail system for you. Our system is fast and simple. With sleek and high quality gel nail polish, your nails will last up to 3 three weeks! And with a 30 second dry time, you can avoid ruining your nail polish after finished. Our gel nail starter kits are perfect for any woman. Order yours today! 

Who Says You Can't Get The Best Nails At Home? - Home Gel Nail Kits

Don't be fooled, you do not have to go into the salons to get the best nails! You can achieve the same quality of nails while saving money. When you invest in one of our home gel nail kits, you are doing the best thing for your nails. Your manicures will look as if you went into the nail salon and will take half the time! Order your kit today to achieve nail salon nails at home.

Save Money by Ordering One of Our Gel Manicure Kits

Do you find yourself at the nail salon every other week? In that case, Couture Gel Nail Polish has a way for you to save money while always having your nails done. Just because you cannot afford to go to the salon does not mean you cannot have your nails done. Our gel manicure kits are the best alternative for you! Not only will you be saving money but you will be saving time that you normally spent in the salons to do other things! What else could you ask for? Order your kit now!

Have You Heard About Our Gel Manicure Kits?

When it comes to gel nail polish, Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish knows exactly what you are looking for. We care about the quality of our gel manicure kits and our customers’ satisfaction. Now when our customers compare our kit to the others found in local beauty stores, there is no comparison! Other kits are not as simple or fast, overall our kit is the best choice! When you order your kit, you can be positive you will have the best manicures.

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Order yours here!

Deluxe Gel Nail Polish Kit

Get The Fastest Manicure With The Best Gel Nail Polish Kits

Stop waiting for your nails to dry with one of the best gel nail polish kits! Our kit has a dry time of 30 seconds, which is faster than other gel nail polish kits out there. That way when you are in a hurry or have limited time to do your nails, you can do it with our kit! Squeeze in an appointment to give yourself manicure whenever it is convenient for you. Our kit is the best alternative to keep your nails always looking their best. Order your own kit today!

Deluxe Gel Nail Polish Kit

Customers Say We Have the Best Gel Nail Polish Kits

Customers do not say we have the best gel nail polish kits for no reason. Compared to similar nail kits, our kit blows the others out of the water! You ask why? Our gel nail system is one of the easiest to follow and dries faster than the rest. Get the best nail kit that everyone is talking about online today! 

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Order Here!

Why Haven't You Ordered Your Own Gel Nail Polish Kit Yet?

What could be better than always having stylish and manicured nails? Some say it is not possible because of the expensive prices at salons or because the appointments take too long. But there are no more excuses ladies! Couture Gel Nail Polish has the nail system of your dreams. Our gel nail polish kit is exactly what you need to keep your nails always looking their best. Save yourself money and time while always having the best nails. Order your own kit today! 

Home Gel Nail Kits for Fast Manicures!

Taking time to go to the nail salons can really take time out of your schedule. And with a busy schedule, it can be hard to fit in time to pamper yourself. That is why you need one of our at home gel nail kits to do fast manicures whenever you have time. With our LED Espree Salon Lamp your nails will be dry in just 30 seconds! With one of our kits, you will always have time for your nails! Order one today and we will give you free shipping ang handling! 

Deluxe Gel Nail Polish Kit

Gel Manicure Kits Better Are Than the Salon

You will have friends asking where you got your manicure after ordering one of our manicure kits. Our gel nail polish system will ensure the best manicure that will look like you went to the salon! When you order one of our kits, you get to select three of Couture Gel Nail Polish colors. After you get your kit, you will never go back to the salons. Get nail salon quality nails at home today with one of our kits, order now!

Gel Nail Starter Kits for Beginners

Join the gel nail polish movement with one of our starter kits! You will easily learn how to do get the best manicure at home. No more going into the salon, start saving your money and time! Our polish system is so fast that it will seem like a breeze. Go online now and get one of our starter kits! 

Order now!

Why We Have The Best Gel Nail Polish Kits!

Couture Gel Nail Polish has the best gel nail polish kits out there! What makes our gel nail kit the best? When it comes to nails, we take polish seriously. That is why we only use the highest quality gel nail polish. Our nail polish goes on smooth and lasts for 3 weeks, no chips!  You will not find a gel nail polish kit like this anywhere else! Go online today and choose from our assortment of colors of gel nail polish.



Our Gel Nail Polish Kit Is Easy To Use!

Skip the nail salon and do your own nails! Easier said than done right? With our gel nail polish kit, you will become a nail pro in no time. Every kit comes with starter instructions that will guide you through it. You will not believe how easy it is! Order your kit today to start doing your own nails! 

Get Started With One Of Our Home Gel Nail Kits!

Going to the nail salon can be a nightmare. Fighting the crowds and getting the best service is not always easy to find. Couture Gel Nail Polish has a better alternative for women around the world who love having their nails done. When you order one of our at home gel nail kits, you will never have to return to the salon again. Saving you money and time! Go online to Couture Gel Nail Polish to order your own at home gel nail kit today!

Do Your Friends Nails With Home Gel Nail Kits!

After getting your first gel nail polish kit, there is no doubt you will become a nail pro. After all, our kit will guide your through the correct nail system so you get the best manicure every time! Our gel nail kit is so easy to use that you can even do your friends nails! So not only you but all your friends will be rocking the best manicure in town. Order online today! 

Deluxe Gel Nail Polish Kit

Check Out Our Gel Manicure Kits

You do not have to go into the salon to get the best manicured nails! Save your money and invest in a product that will give you a salon maincure at home. Our gel manicure kits are exaclty what you are looking for. You will have all your friends raving on where you got your nails done and you can say a gel nail kit from Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish! After you order your first kit, your nails will always be stylish with one of our exculsive gel nail polishs. Check us out online today to order your kit. 

Deluxe Gel Nail Polish Kit

We Have Gel Nail Starter Kits!

Are you tired of spending a fortune on nail sets in the salon? Stop going into the nail salon! With our gel nail starter kit, you can do your own nails in the comfort of your own home. Not only will you be saving time, you will be saving money! Go online today and buy your get nail starter kit! Buy you starter kit here! 

Deluxe Gel Nail Polish Kit

This Gel Nail Polish Kit Is Out Of This World!

You have never tried a gel nail polish kit like this! It’s easy to apply, smooths out the nails, and lasts for up to 3 weeks. Everyone can achieve a salon-quality manicure at home with Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish. Don't believe us, check it out for yourself! 

Buy Your Savvy Girl gel nail polish kit here! 

Deluxe Gel Nail Polish Kit