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~ For the price of a few manicures – get Gorgeous Nails Forever ~

Gel Polish Tips

Benefits and Advantages of Gel Nail Polish

The advantages of using the Savvy Girl® Gel Nail Polish Kits are unsurpassed. With no harmful chemicals, and our New state of the art LED technology, ladies can have the salon manicure that they have always dreamed of! There are tons of advantages and even savings.

Introducing Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish: The Invincible 3-Week Manicure!

“I was a pro after my first home manicure with Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish! My nails have never looked better  — or healthier.”

Home manicures can be so frustrating: they’re messy, they take forever to dry, and they never last. But who has the time or the money to get to the nail salon once a week? Salon manicures are an expensive, inconvenient hassle.

Final Advantage — the manicure that lasts

Welcome to the world of gorgeous, perfect gel nails, where you get:

  • A gorgeous selection of bold and beautiful colors
  • Easy application with smooth, self-leveling polish that gets rid of unsightly ridges and bumps.
  • A quick 30 second dry time that results in diamond-hard gel nails
  • A long 3-week hold that continues to look fresh until you take it off
  • No smearing, chipping, smudging or scratching off — ever
  • Advanced nail polish that actually strengthens your natural nails
  • And best of all, gel nail polish is free of harmful chemicals

Understand the Advantages of Gel Nail Polish Kits from Savvy Girl® by watching our testimonial video below