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~ For the price of a few manicures – get Gorgeous Nails Forever ~

Our Promise

After discovering this fun and beautiful gel nail polish during our travels in Europe, we wanted to make this shiny, long lasting application available for all women to enjoy!

We wanted to make it easy, affordable, and convenient by creating a system that women can enjoy in the privacy of their own homes. We also wanted to make this system affordable to all women...working women, stay at home mom's, students, grandmothers...

The health of our earth, and of our sisters, is very important to us. That is why we formulated our gel nail polish to be free from harmful chemicals. This is also why we insist on sourcing materials that have never been tested on animals....we believe that beauty cannot be derived from cruelty.

We also wanted to be able to share the blessing of our success. This is why we donate a portion of our proceeds to the fight against breast cancer...for all the women we love.

We are grateful to our wonderful and loyal customers who have helped to make Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish America's #1 Selling Gel Nail Polish!

Laura, Melissa, and Kelsey
Your Friends at Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish