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Toxin Free Gel Nails: Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish is Good for Your Body

Posted by Ellen on

You may be buying Savvy Girl gel nail polish because of the cool colors or because it lasts an insanely long time. But you are also buying it for what's NOT inside...Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde, called the Toxic Trio, and ingredients which are found in many other gel nail polishes, especially imports.

We take in chemicals through our skin, our food, and our nails are another avenue. It was important to Savvy Girl to create a gel nail system that wouldn't include these chemicals, and so we don't. And pure acetone, another toxic chemical, is still used to remove gel manicures in salons (the dreaded soaking) but not in our remover! It's full of healthy aloe and other botanicals and gets the job done just as fast but preserves your body's chemical load even further.

If you shop in healthy stores, eat organics and are concerned about what all these everyday chemicals can do to a body, then you can feel good about your gel nail polish from Savvy Girl. Unlike most gel polishes, it's free of the Toxic Trio. Imagine toxins on your nails, and entering your system, for up to three weeks. That's not good. We're proud of being toxin-free, and hope it's one more reason you choose us to keep your nails beautiful...and safe.

Top 8 Reasons for a Home Gel Nail Manicure

1.  Cost! With 20 applications per bottle of polish, your starter kit works out to $4.95 per manicure, a major savings over the standard salon rate of $40-$45 plus tip. Over the life of your kit, you save $900! 2.  Speed! An at-home gel nail polish manicure involves no waiting for a nail tech, no [...]

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Statement Gel Nail Polish

You've heard of statement jewelry, and items of clothing, now meet the statement nail polish. It's that over-the-top color that makes you feel invincible and oh-so-chic. Maybe you have stayed conservative with your gel polish because it's a three week commitment and you want to be sure your nails are appropriate for any occasion. Maybe [...]

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Hot Nail Trend Gold Tip French Manicure

One of the most beautiful nail treatments we've seen in a while showed up at the Paris fashion shows for fall 2014. It's a French manicure with gold on the tips! Isn't it stunning? You can do the look yourself with our Champagne Diet color or Creme de la Creme. image via

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Jennifer Lopez Nails in Skinny Jeans

Jennifer Lopez was spotted on Good Morning America in one of our top-sellers, "Skinny Jeans." This sleek dark color compliments any outfit and if it's good enough for JLo.....Lots of Hollywood stars sport Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish nails - why not you?

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How to Use Your Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish Kit for Fun

Our kit comes with three polishes and allows you to do a fab manicure that cures in 30 seconds. Each polish bottle offers more than 20 applications, so there’s plenty to go around.When you invest in a kit, you’re saying ‘no’ to inflated salon manicure prices and yes to affordable nails that look salon-worthy for up to three weeks. [...]

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Nail Polish Pops of Color

The latest trend from fashion bloggers is matching your nails to your bag for a fun summery look. You can also simply keep your polish in the same color family - warm or cool to get the look. We like this fun tangerine polish mixed with red which really causes it to pop. Stripes are still huge [...]

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Oprah's Foot Nanny Likes Couture

Looking to see what the latest colors are and all things nail trend? Follow our board on Pinterest and come find out. You'll find color-rich pins showing the latest shades and tidbits from Couture Gel Nail Polish fans like Oprah's foot nanny Gloria who loves our polish and she's seen them all. Gloria works at [...]

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Bridal Gel Nail Polish Party

Lots of brides wish they could treat their bridesmaids, and mother of the groom and mother of the bride to a spa day before the big event, but that many mani-pedis gets expensive. It can easily cost upwards of $1,000 and there are so many other places to use that money in the budget. But [...]

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Mint and Teal Gel Polish with Nail Art

Spring calls up green pastures and all things blooming. Celebrate the season with this delicious pastel tone. Go further and emblazon your nails with stamps from Konad. You can get the look with our Tiffany's Secret or Million $ Tweet from our spring line.

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