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~ For the price of a few manicures – get Gorgeous Nails Forever ~

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Top 8 Reasons for a Home Gel Nail Manicure

Posted by Ellen on

1.  Cost! With 20 applications per bottle of polish, your starter kit works out to $4.95 per manicure, a major savings over the standard salon rate of $40-$45 plus tip. Over the life of your kit, you save $900!

2.  Speed! An at-home gel nail polish manicure involves no waiting for a nail tech, no driving. Just brush on base, color, and top coat and each dries in 30 secs! The whole manicure including prepping your nails shouldn't take more than 15 to 20 minutes.

3.  Endurance! Our salon quality nail polish lasts up to 3 weeks and if you do develop a chip, you can easily dab a bit of polish and extend the wear because you have the color at home.

4.  Scheduling! Ever have to wait for your appointment? Or just get in the mood for a manicure and don't feel like driving? Or want a manicure after hours? At home, it happens as fast as you open your kit (contained in a darling bag) and go to work.

5.  Professionalism! Don't go into that meeting with chipped nails. When you go to salons, you can't always get back there in time to keep your nails flawless. With an at home manicure, you can keep your nails perfect year round.

6.  Removal! With a salon gel manicure, you've got to go back to have a new manicure and then remove your current manicure. Our easy-peasy removal technique allows you to remove polish simply in about 10 minutes, at home in front of the TV or computer. Saves you bundles of time.

7.  Special Occasions! Something great has come up and there's no time to get to a salon. With your starter gel kit or deluxe kit, you can have your nails done in 20 minutes and be out the door.

8.  Sharing! With a gel kit, you can do your nails, and your girlfriends can do theirs when they come over. Sharing is caring! It's a whole lot cheaper than a party at the salon.