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Toxin Free Gel Nails: Savvy Girl Gel Nail Polish is Good for Your Body

Posted by Ellen on

You may be buying Savvy Girl gel nail polish because of the cool colors or because it lasts an insanely long time. But you are also buying it for what's NOT inside...Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde, called the Toxic Trio, and ingredients which are found in many other gel nail polishes, especially imports.

We take in chemicals through our skin, our food, and our nails are another avenue. It was important to Savvy Girl to create a gel nail system that wouldn't include these chemicals, and so we don't. And pure acetone, another toxic chemical, is still used to remove gel manicures in salons (the dreaded soaking) but not in our remover! It's full of healthy aloe and other botanicals and gets the job done just as fast but preserves your body's chemical load even further.

If you shop in healthy stores, eat organics and are concerned about what all these everyday chemicals can do to a body, then you can feel good about your gel nail polish from Savvy Girl. Unlike most gel polishes, it's free of the Toxic Trio. Imagine toxins on your nails, and entering your system, for up to three weeks. That's not good. We're proud of being toxin-free, and hope it's one more reason you choose us to keep your nails beautiful...and safe.